Effective tool for clearing the unwanted vegetation from yard, garden and seedlings stands. Easy and fun to use due to convenient working position and ergonomic design. An excellent tool for amateurs hobby users and for professional work. Most suitable for clearing small tree stand under 40-50 mm.
The plate will not damaged, because working direction is from down to up. Usage targets and feeds: surroundings of summer cottages, houses, gardens and tending of seedling stands.

Respected Works Efficiency Institute (TTS – research, development and training institute for agriculture, forestry, home economics and other related fields), made a study in Finland. Following tools participated to this test: clearing saw, billhook, multifunctional shears, power loppers and Bushmatic. Productivity, ergonometric etc. were tested. Testers were asked to assess each tool using various criteria. The testers gave the best average overall rate to Bushmatic. They especially commended Bushmatic’s functionality and easiness to use.

The study revealed that Bushmatic was more efficient to use than the billhook type of tool, when cutting stems less than 4 cm in diameter. One of the basic of the results of the research shows that even forest owners can attend to small in area tending sites with small-in-diameter trees stump diameter less than 5 cm (2 inches) using inexpensive hand tools.

Weight: 2 kg
Length: 45 cm
Hand grip: Rubber

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