Rack for firewood loading is to offer a perfect mean for indoor storing before or after splitting the firewood a suitable tool had to be thought of. Those new racks of two different heights (L and S) were designed to complement the functionality of the splitting basket and to diversify the range of wedge axe accessories.

The rack is made of zinc sheet metal and steel pipe. Different colors are available to comport the rack with the surrounding. The bottom side of the rack is covered with a plate which collects all the litter coming from the firewood. The frame keeps the firewood orderly in stacks and this enables to store the firewood even beside to the whitest walls. The construction built on the frame gives air the maximum access to the firewood and assures the drying process if needed. The other important advantage is the possibility to remove the whole stack at once – just lift the frame and you’ll be able to replace the entire stack with one move. There is no need for re-piling logs or cleaning afterwords. For removing the L-size rack we suggest using the trolley which gives the opportunity to relocate the rack easily and without a remarkable physical effort even by women, children and elderly people.

The rack is first of all meant to be used indoors by residential customers. Area of application is not limited with storing firewood only but the rack can be used to store orderly everything in the household and relocate them in one piece.

Weight: 1,5 kg
L*W*D: 120*40*30 cm
Color: galvanized

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