System Logmatic™ – intelligent innovation

The Logmatic Wedge Axe is a revolutionary design improvement on the traditional axe, which has changed very little in thousands of years, and created specifically for splitting firewood.

Traditional tools used for splitting wood – such as a common axe or maul and wedge – require a great degree of strength and skill.

The Logmatic Wedge Axe is much more simpler and safe to use – wood is split quickly and accurately with consecutive strikes in the chosen position. There is no need to lift or swing this tool through the air or overhead, often causing injury, and no need to continually bend at the waist, causing back strain.

Logmatic™ splitting system

The Logmatic™ Wedge Axe perfectly combines the simple and practical technology of a forged wedge and hefty striking bar. Completing the System is the Logmatic™ Splitting Basket, which securely supports several logs at once for splitting, and then functions as a smart log carrier, and basket, at your fireside.

Splitting firewood and kindling has never been so simple and safe, efficient and ergonomic!
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System Logmatic


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