How did it all begin? Usually the interesting things get started from very tiny events – like storm.

A tall birch once grew in the garden of Sarvela. This birch did not die of old age, but was blown down in an autumn storm. Jussi Sarvela took an axe in his hand, for the first time in years, and after having spent half a day trying to clear the great tree away, he became convinced that there must be an easier way to do this.

Mindful that man’s idleness is the greatest motivator of creativity Jussi devised a better solution – wedge axe. More than 10 years have been developed this axe and it’s extras like basket, gloves, rack, trolley etc.

Like every decent product family has it’s name, Jussi named this production line with name Logmatic. However, years are went, but ideas did not end. Today is affiliated with the Logmatic family Bushmatic, Obomatic and ideas have not finished yet.

System Logmatic


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