Nine good reasons for choosing Logmatic products:

1. The innovative wedge axe is a unique tool with a non-conventional approach to splitting firewood.
2. Splitting firewood with the Logmatic Splitting System is safe, ergonomic, efficient and fun.
3. Firewood can be split indoors (in the splitting basket) keeping the surroundings clean and tidy.
4. Logmatic rack (S, L sizes) and basket system – this is a compact and ergonomic way to store and carry firewood.
5. Obamatic stand – this is a compact appliance with many different applications.
6. Bushmatic – this is a useful tool in every gardener’s toolkit.
7. Use of our gel padded palm gloves helps through long working days.
8. Logmatic products are made with special care and Nordic standards of quality.
9. The main advantage in choosing Logmatic products – the user will be more
happy, satisfied and different from its neighbours (in case they haven’t
bought these products already!)

We can guarantee you a new fantastic experience!


The Logmatic™ Wedge Axe is a highly efficient, durable, ergonomically designed tool for splitting firewood and kindling. Safer and more efficient than an axe, easier to use than any comparable product on the market, the Logmatic™ system is the perfect set of tools to have for splitting wood for your stove or open fire.

It comprises the LM-250 Wedge Axe, along with a perfectly designed accessory – the Splitting Basket with Base (LM-1000). This further adds to the ease of splitting firewood as you can easily avoid having to stoop down and collect the pieces of firewood to carry into the house or the woodshed.

System Logmatic


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