The Obamatic stand has both domestic and industrial applications and is quick to set up it is compact and can be easily stored.

The following timber sizes can be used: 5×10cm (2”x4”), 5×15cm (2”x6”), and 5×20cm (2”x8”). The piece of wood is placed into the socket between the lugs and locked by closing the joint (see the assembly instructions attached).

The Obamatic should be assembled so that the ends of the piece of wood extend 3 cm from where it is clamped in, to provide an even distribution of weight and not put too much strain on the lugs.

The Obamatic stand is not designed for use as scaffolding or as a stand to support people in the workplace.

Packing: 2 pair (4 legs) per carton
Material: powder coated, square steel tube
Weight: 3.5 kg per one leg
Height: 82 cm folded 70 cm extended
Load capacity: total capacity 125 +125 kg

System Logmatic


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