Logmatic Wedge Axe LM-250



Weight: 5.5 kg
Length min./max: 105/155 cm
Hand grips: Rubber
Blade guard: Yes
Stopper for striking bar: Yes
triking bar lock: Yes

Logmatic Wedge Axe LM-150


Weight: 4.0 kg
Length min./max: 97/160 cm
Hand grips: Rubber
Blade guard: No
Stopper for striking bar: No
Striking bar lock: No

Splitting Baskete

Splitting Basket

The Splitting Basket keeps the wood to be split upright during while being split, and this makes the job of splitting easy and safe. The Splitting Basket also serves the purpose of the traditional firewood basket when carrying the split wood into the house or the woodshed and keeping it in a tidy formation next to the fireplace.

Splitting Basket + Baseplate

The Splitting Base is made of formwork plywood. The Base is at its best when used together with the Splitting Basket, these two are System Logmatic components. The Splitting Base provides an even and sturdy foundation on which to split firewood. The idea is to connect the Splitting Base to the Splitting Basket when splitting firewood and then to disconnect it when the wood has been split, and the pieces are ready to be carried into the house or the woodshed. This product can also be used as a base without the Splitting Basket when splitting firewood.


Felt Basket

Basket made from synthetic felt which commonly used in carindustry. It can be used both in out- or indoors. Material will not wet and mold. Molded shape is lightweight to carry and keep your rooms clean. Bottomplate is removable and it’s easy to replace if necessary.

Designed by Martin Pärn and his team (iseasi.ee)




Weight: 2.0 kg
Body: tempered steel blade
Length: 45 cm
Hand grip: Rubber



The reinforced palms provide a good grip and are padded with gel to give outstanding cushioning. These gloves are made of the finest cowhide and have a stretch back for comfort and flexibility